In practice, advocates are authorized more than one person depending on the complexity of a case. Also to avoid providing legal aid if the advocate has a job at the same time to handle one with another. You see, one form of gross violation of the code of conduct of an advocate is to abandon the client. Apart from that, you may need to check out the bocater lawyers as well.

Example of Utilization of Advocate Services in Complicated Cases

In a complicated case. For example, there is a corruption case that results in a state loss that has been declared in the form of an investigative audit by the State Audit Board. Usually, besides being handled by a criminal advocate, the client also requests additional advocates who have a background in accounting knowledge.

As another example, at the same time advocates are scheduled to represent clients in civil cases determined by their trial on Tuesday. In another civil case, in another court, the judge also determines the hearing on Tuesday. If there is only one advocate for the Power of Attorney, it is impossible or very difficult for an advocate to handle two cases in 2 (two) different courts. That is why in the power of attorney advocate always included the sentence:

“Authorizes lawyers … at law offices … acting jointly or individually”.

The number of advocates for the power of attorney often causes a commotion in court or investigation. The numerous advocates requested that they are reserved the places and seats according to the number of those listed in the power of attorney. In addition, the many advocates who make the question often repeatedly caused the trial to run long.

For this reason, our advice, advocates must continue to prioritize the client’s interests and the principle of a speedy trial in order to avoid a protracted trial resulting in the client being harmed. If that happens at the investigation level, advocates may take turns to assist their clients according to the circumstances and conditions of the examination room in the investigation.

A large number of advocates also needs to be discussed in detail, who is the coordinator, how the mechanism of division of tasks and what rights and obligations of each advocate concerning his work.