Rumors about the appearance of the iPhone 13 are still unclear. Starting from specifications, release time, and others are still dark. However, Apple is said to be introducing the iPhone 14 next year. The device is considered to be significantly updated. A more radical change than the iPhone 13, only released in October. Apart from that, if this upcoming iPhone release news makes you want to buy Apple’s stock index within NASDAQ100, then we recommend you go to to hire trustworthy brokers who deal in the NAS100.

At least, four leaks are circulating widely in cyberspace regarding the iPhone 14. The leak is a sign that the iPhone 14 will present many new things. According to Techradar, renowned Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo revealed the iPhone 14 without a notch or notch.

Understandably, so far, Apple has maintained a notch to hide the front-facing sensor. For example, dot projector sensors, infrared cameras, and flood illuminators enable Face ID. The iPhone 14, perhaps, only has a hole for the selfie camera.

However, it is not clear where the sensor for the notch will be located. There is a possibility that the sensor will get a smaller notch or it will be minimized. Combined into fewer units and placed next to the selfie camera.

Furthermore, the iPhone 14 will be supported by Apple Glasses. Unfortunately, this is not yet to be confirmed. The reason is, the device is predicted to arrive in 2022. Next, the iPhone 14 only supports MagSafe for charging. If true, the iPhone 14 is without lightning cable support.

MagSafe was first used by MacBook laptops as a kind of separate charger. On iPhone, MagSafe enabled wireless charging starting on iPhone 12.

Apple’s entire line of phones gets 5G next year. The 5G network system has visited the iPhone 12. However, some consumers in several countries have not received a 5G network.

Well, this is the most awaited and very sensitive among iPhone enthusiasts. Namely, the leak regarding the price. The iPhone 14 mini is predicted to go on sale for $ 699. The iPhone 14 variant is priced at USD799, the Pro model is USD999, and the Pro Max is USD1099.