Choosing the theme and the concept of a wedding is one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process. How come? The theme you choose will determine the shape, color, and style of all elements that exist in the special celebration, from invitations, wedding dress to a selection of food menu and wedding souvenir, and also the wedding photographer. You can visit Paulmac Wedding Photography to get the best photographer that can capture your special moment perfectly.

Here is some mistake that you need to avoid:

– Not thinking about the season

Themes that require seasonal flowers or seasonal foods that are not available in your wedding month will cause the cost of the wedding to swell and the difficulty to execute the desired theme to its full potential.

– Contrary to wedding venue

If your wedding venue or location is traditional, do not spend extra money and effort to transform it into a contemporary modern style. Choose venues that can support the vision of your dream wedding from the beginning and adjust the theme options with your venue.

– Depends on Pinterest

Do not choose a wedding theme based only on what you see on Pinterest. In fact, a prospective bride, in general, is not able to replicate what she sees in Pinterest for the entire wedding, unless it has a large budget. Choose a theme that reflects the relationship and personality of you and your partner appropriately.

– Do not think of invited guests

If you want to have a Bohemian-style party in the mountains, make sure you have thought of grandparents or children who might have trouble going through difficult terrain. Likewise, if you want to hold a themed event that requires guests on a throwaway or a special-themed outfit, communicate this to guests long before.