In the digital era now, you will need internet for various aspects of your life. The rise of the internet, bringing a positive impact on internet marketing that widely used by everyone. One that is widely used is SEO. An SEO will run very well if using the right keywords. However, the best way to get the right keywords is to use local keywords, for that you need to Finding local keywords to get the keywords that are very precise.

Unfortunately, until now, there are still many people who do various mistakes in choosing keywords. Some of the mistakes that they usually do may be a small error but have a huge effect on the SEO they use. Some of these errors are

1. Choosing a Common Keyword
What is meant by a common keyword is a keyword that has a range that is too broad. Why are these types of keywords not very good to use? The answer is because the keyword will be very difficult to bring visitors and not necessarily people who look for these keywords are relevant visitors. So, you need to be careful in using this keyword.

2. Using Keyword with Low Search
By using keywords with a low search of competition is certainly not high so it is very easy to be a number one in the search results on the internet.

3. Choosing a High Keyword Competition
If you choose a keyword with a high level of competition, it will not be able to bring many visitors to your website. Especially for you who just create a website or blog, this will be a big problem. You should avoid competition with bloggers or other websites and better choose keywords with high search rates but low competition levels.

4. Failed To Convert Keywords Into Traffic
The degree of keyword competition is indeed dependent on the website owner. using the same keywords that are widely used on other websites is not a problem. However, you should think about whether or not your keywords are at number 1.