For those of you who are on a diet by consuming juice, you can visit our website to get a masticating juicer. That way, you no longer need to buy packaging juice on the market. Making your own juice also makes health and hygiene more assured. Here is the right time to consume juice.

– Drinking Juice in Constipation

Constipation (difficult bowel movements) is one of the diseases that can interfere with the digestive system. If the digestive system is disturbed it will affect the delay in the decay of food we consume and result in the accumulation of food in the body. One way to smooth the digestive system is by drinking juice rich in fiber such as papaya, guava, mango, pineapple and vegetable mustard mixed with pineapple. The content of vitamin C and fiber contained in these drinks can overcome your constipation.

– In the morning, the best time to drink juice

Of course, there is no time limit to enjoy the juice you want, either morning, day or night. Everything you can do for health, but if you are a little crave for ideal body weight, then we strongly recommend to consume juice in the morning. Like a vehicle that rests at night, if in the morning heat with fuel and new oil will have a good impact for travel comfort. So also with our body, the rest of the food is processed at night, will be cleaned in the morning with a healthy juice. One juice that is very suitable for the morning consumption is apple juice, orange juice or avocado juice.

– Drinking juice while eating fatty foods

To maintain the balance of food intake we consume every day required proper neutralization. Moreover, you are consuming many foods that contain high fat. One of the neutralizing that can shed fat that settles in the body is to consume fresh juice. In addition to cleansing the system of saturation, juice can also facilitate the digestive system to process calories in the body. Pineapple juice, cucumber, watermelon until lemon juice is very good to reduce excess fat that settles in the digestion.