This is why so many people have started to turn the canvas print. By canvas photo printing on canvas, you can have any portraits or photos you like that will last you some derivatives. You can pass them on to the children and family members so that they will be able to also enjoy these canvas photo printing and memories that are now perpetuated forever on the canvas. This canvas print like a painting, however, is a photo or picture that you take a piece of canvas that will last longer than a piece of glossy paper that the company will print your photos on. Because the canvas photo printing is made of thick threaded porous material, it will last longer than the standard photo on paper. It can be washed carefully if necessary and each photo has a simple addition like red eye removal, basic color balancing and sharpening contrast so that your canvas photo printing subject really stands out.

One of the most common questions people ask about their canvas photo printing is what size will it be. The smallest size of the canvas print that you can get is 8 x 8. This canvas photo printing is because there must be enough space to create photo pixels that appear in the small thread that forms part of the canvas. The largest size canvas photo printing you can get is 48 x 64. This is the largest size that digital photos can explode without image distortion. If you want a border added to your photo, at an additional cost, you can have it done.

If you want a black and white canvas photo printing, sepia or full than this is possible too. You can even add text to your photos as well so it looks like a big oil painting or a master painting. There is even a selection canvas so you can choose to frame your photo or hang like a gallery style canvas photo printing like that. If you have photos that are not the best quality but still want to see them on the canvas, send them in and an artist can look over and fix the photos to the best of their ability. If for some reason the photo is fixed, then you will be contacted. If edits can be made for your canvas photo printing, you will be contacted for approval of all corrections before your printed canvas begins.