Car modification by installing stickers on the body has now evolved into a sensation among automotive enthusiasts. Installing Bumper Stickers is also considered more efficient and cost-effective than airbrushes. This is because airbrushes are known to be expensive and time-consuming. However, not infrequently there are also car owners who take steps to modify their vehicles—by installing car stickers—based on other reasons. For example, to add a cool look to the car or just to channel a hobby.

However, car stickers not only beautify the appearance of the car to be cooler or more elegant. There are other benefits that you will feel when modifying a car using stickers. There is a guarantee of protection now and in the future. The existence of car stickers is widely believed to be a solution to protect the original paint colour and mildew on the vehicle. The reason is, cars that often go back and forth on the road will get direct exposure to UV rays. It can reduce the quality and solidity of the paint colour of your car.

Plus, when you park your car in a roofless location during the rainy season, your car is at risk of getting mould. Because the rainwater that flushed the car can not just dry. In addition, the sticker material is also known to be strong. Car stickers can help you cover up any “wounds” on the car body. The scratches may have been obtained after a collision with another vehicle. Or it happens when you clean the car by using a cloth or cloth that is rough so that it leaves scratch marks. Indirectly, the sticker can cover and protect the car from scratches. Especially if you use a wrapping type of car sticker, which can wrap all parts of your car body.

Some car users claim that the sticker can maintain the stability of the selling value of the car when it is about to be sold. This is due to the preservation of the originality and quality of the car paint, it could even be like the first time you bought it. Car stickers are more durable and easy to maintain. Not only the installation price is believed to be cheap, but the sticker installation is also relatively easy.