Are you a smoker? Want to stop smoking by replacing it with other products that contain nicotine, such as shisha or even e-cigarettes (vape)? Maybe you often hear that shisha and vape are no more dangerous than ordinary cigarettes. Yes, many people switch from ordinary cigarettes to shisha or e-cigarettes because they think they are better than ordinary cigarettes. Is this true? When compared to shisha and e-cigarettes, which one is better?


Electric cigarettes and shisha may have something in common, namely having the same taste that makes you interested in trying it. However, both of them turned out differently. Electric cigarettes do not experience the process of burning tobacco and do not need charcoal to burn it, while shisha needs it. In addition, electric cigarettes also produce water vapor, not smoke, produced by heating devices. If you want to Buy Hookah Tobacco, you can visit our website.

Because e-cigarettes do not use the process of burning tobacco like regular shisha or cigarettes, it can be said that e-cigarettes are safer than regular shisha or cigarettes. However, still, the use of e-cigarettes is not really safe, especially in the long run.

Steam produced by e-cigarettes contains substances, such as nicotine, which can harm your health. The danger is again, the nicotine content in an electric cigarette product can vary, ranging from 0-100 mg/ml, sometimes even how many are not included. The higher the level of nicotine, the more dangerous your health will be. Research has shown that the use of e-cigarettes has been shown to damage lung tissue. In addition, electric cigarettes can also cause interference with brain development in young users. Children can also experience poisoning from swallowing, inhaling, or absorbing water vapor produced by e-cigarettes.

Shisha is used by sucking, like electric cigarettes. The difference is, shisha requires pipes with smoke chambers, shisha fluids, and hoses. This shisha liquid contains tobacco with an offer of various flavors. To use it, the shisha liquid is heated first using charcoal, then the smoke produced from the combustion you will suction out through the rubber hose, you exhale and emit a lot of smoke.