Even though the market provides so many options for cheap air conditioner maintenance, some people may want to try DIY AC maintenance in these ways.

Clean the condenser component

Another step that must be done to care for air conditioning is to clean the condenser. A condenser is usually a component of air conditioner that is not too dirty. This section is located on a series of outdoor units. Condenser serves to flow the outside air. When there is dirt in this section then it can block the process of expelling air. Water coming out of the unit can cause a lot of dirt or sometimes very small weeds.

Clean the fan and compressor parts

The AC fan and compressor parts become one of the dust gathering places. Finally, this section has a very thick dust. You can actually clean this part yourself, but it must be done carefully. First, you must use a blower to vacuum and blow the dust on the inside of the fan. Then after that wipe with a slightly wet cloth. Allow a little dry and then re-attach the screws until tight.

Make sure the AC motor is in good condition

The AC motor has a very important role when the AC machine is working. You may often hear air conditioners that make very loud and uncomfortable sounds. This can happen because the AC motor is already damaged and must be replaced with a new one. The air conditioner that makes a very loud noise can be an indication that there are problems with some AC components including the motor. If it is like this then you have to call the AC service so that it can replace with a new motor.

Always turn on the air conditioner with the right temperature

When you use AC then it is also very important to pay attention to temperature. Do not turn on the air conditioner with too warm temperature because it can make the component not working properly. A frequent damage indicator is when you turn on the air conditioner with low temperatures but it does not remove cold temperatures. To check whether there is damage or not then try to install the air conditioner with the lowest temperature.