What is Nubuck Leather? It is the material for making shoes that are softer than Suede, also more prone to stains and dirt. Is nubuck leather similar to Suede Leather? Both are indeed types of material for women’s fashion shoes that are better known to shoe enthusiasts. Ordinary people usually already know Suede leather even though they don’t know exactly the manufacturing process and the characteristics of one of the types of leather processing.

If Suede is used as a material for making women’s fashion shoes to make it more elegant, then Nubuck Leather is the same. But the result is a pair of shoes that are more elegant, softer, and therefore sold at a higher price. Like Suede, Nubuck is not only used as the main material for making shoes, but also for various fashion items, jackets, furniture, and upholstery for various products to create an exclusive impression.

What makes Nubuck Leather even more exclusive? The term Nubuck comes from the words new and buck. Nubuck leather is usually made from cowhide because it is easier to obtain. This type of leather is made from the outer skin, after going through a process of processing, the surface of the skin is then sanded or brushed to remove the top layer of skin until a smooth and even texture emerges.

Apart from requiring a long time, the sanding process must also be carried out with great care. Because the unequal pressure can cause the fibers to be uneven, as a result, the differences cause color differences on the surface of the Nubuck. So that the appearance can be uneven, visually it will be impressed on one surface there are dark and light colors.

Due to it’s the result of the tough outer leather processing, the types and styles of shoes made from Nubuck are relatively stronger, both in stitching and durability compared to shoes with Suede leather. Nubuck has a smoother surface because the fibers are tighter and shorter. With this texture, visually there is almost no difference in dark and light colors on the surface of the Nubuck.