Job interviews are a stage that almost accepted in a company. Before reaching this stage, you must have gone through the search phase and sending job applications. Currently looking for job vacancies is very easy discover more here. Various sites provide job information, including job centre online. The internet makes it easy to access and send application files to the desired company.

After the file has passed, the company will call you for an interview. When this moment comes, you must pay attention to the appearance, especially the clothes. In this article, we will provide advice on the mix of clothes that are appropriate to wear during a job interview:

– Dress Statement
Choose a dress that is suitable and polite to work with. The dress should be closed to the knees to display a graceful impression. By using the appropriate statement dress, one of the advantages is that you don’t have to worry about adding jewelry or other accessories. Pair your best statement dress with black high heels or black flat shoes.

– Try using a shirt
If you want to use a shirt during a job interview, be creative and innovate to use other colors like white, blue, or pink. Other pastel colors such as light chocolate are also very likely to make you different from other candidates. Try a shirt with soft material like chiffon which is very fitting to be paired with a black camisole. Choose pastel colors that don’t make the appearance seem too stiff.

– Black dress and stockings
For women who always want to look feminine but still look professional, using a black dress and stocking is the right choice. Choose a dress that fits on the body, and has a neck piece that is not too low to show the impression of a modern but very professional. Pair the black dress using black stockings that cover the legs to the very bottom of the dress, so that no leg skin is visible