Accidents after accidents that have taken place in a number when dufan mati occured of rides lately have made the image of Ancol Jaya Dreamland tarnished. Still remembering the incident of the stalled Tornado vehicle in Dunia Fantasi, Ancol, suddenly died while operating on Wednesday (07/20/2017). At that time dozens of people shouted hysterically. Not a few among those who cry, please be taken down from the vehicle. Then the incident occurred in the Spiral Slide Pool at the Atlantis water game, Ancol on Sunday (09/25/2017). The excitement of the thousands of people who were thronging the Atlantis water play arena, suddenly turned into hysterical cries that witnessed the collapse of the spiral slide pool when dufan mati incident occurs. The hysterical scream of visitors was not only focused on the collapse of the spiral slide pool, but more than that the screams of pain from the victims of the collapsed collapsed spiral slide pool increasingly cut the hearts of those who saw it.

Recorded in the tragedy, four people suffered injuries and were rushed to Setia Negara Hospital in Sunter, North Jakarta. Lani (24), one of the visitors to the Atlantis game world, Ancol Taman Impian, who was also an eyewitness to the incident, claimed to be traumatized by the incident. According to him, the dufan mati incident began with a loud thumping sound near the wave pool. “After that the cries of dozens of people were heard. A terrible incident,” he said. Sufficient events made the heart beat faster this time not only this time, before the Tornado game in Wahana Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) also experienced technical errors and resulted in a stop the game stopped spinning. A number of incidents have made Ancol’s image increasingly tarnished, moreover the recreation area is increasingly mushrooming around the capital, which will make Ancol abandoned by citizens of the capital. PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol evaded if all this time it failed to carry out routine checks on several games that occurred on several vehicles when dufan mati occurs, and considered the entire game in Ancol had met the requirements of the Standard Operating Procedure.

“We have been checking regularly, even so what happened last Sunday will be a lesson for us,” Nike Putri, Public Relations of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol. Whatever objections submitted by Ancol management does not seem to be easy to eradicate the traumatic Jakarta residents in general and incident victims in particular. If there is no comprehensive improvement after dufan mati, it is possible that in the next five years, Ancol Jaya Ancol Park will only have ‘dreams’, because there are no residents who dare to recreation again.