The cost for recreation here is not too big when compared to a vehicle that can be tried. In addition, the Ancol area which is a coastal area in the city of Jakarta can be a means of introducing nature to children.There are many interesting games with high technology and guaranteed security since dufan mati incident that you can try. You can try to boost adrenaline by trying the game in promo dufan akhir tahun 2018. For example a tornado, where when you are at a certain height, your body will be played for many times at high speed. Dufan also has a number of domestic and foreign restaurants and Jakarta and Indonesian souvenir shops.

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Dufan is a vehicle for modern games, culinary and souvenirs provided show Indonesian flavor but in the mean times when dufan expereince technical difficulties and caused dufan mati. There is also the European region, which shows various kinds of European and modern nuances, colossal and teate shows. There is another called the fantasy saga area, a vehicle that will make visitors imagine about the future. There is also a palace area, where visitors will be taken to feel the atmosphere – the style of palace life. Most recently, incident when dufan mati since then in Dufan now has two areas that make this place dubbed as one of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia.

Dufan is indeed one of the capital’s favorite rides since incident dufan mati incident. Understandably, the crowded and chaotic city of Jakarta throughout the day, making many of its citizens spend the weekend at Dufan together with their beloved family. Coupled with a variety of facilities that are increasingly complete, making Dufan become one of the right tourist destinations for long school holidays and when the Eid holiday arrives. Dufan admission prices vary, depending on visitors who want to enjoy each ride. Even so, there are also ticket prices that can be reached for the standard economy class.