If you often use the printer in your life, then all you have to do is get a printer with good quality and good. Therefore, a good quality printer will be able to provide a good print output and you can use for a long time. In Orajet, you can get the printer you need and everything related to it. In fact, there is a printer repair service that you can use if your printer is damaged.

One of the items related to the printer is the ink. You should know the characteristics of ink that have good quality in order to get a good print result too. Some of the criteria of a good printer ink are

– Try to inhale the aroma of the ink. Most of the ink that is traded contains Ammonia material as one of its vital mixtures, but the use of this hard ammonia can erode the thin metal in the printheads of the printer. Avoid using smelly inks.

– Squirt the ink in the glass medium and leave it in the open air for a few moments. Note the droplet results. When it clumps and hardens (like paint when dropped), then this ink is harmful to your printer and cartridge. The good result should be that the droplets widen and dry normally without clots. Use ink that does not clot when dry.

– Squirt and let dry on paper. During the process, notice how the ink widens, whether it forms a stain near a smooth sphere or arises ‘legs’ and a fine crack at the edge of the ink droplets. If rounded, then the quality of the ink is good. If the second one can be inferred the ink is of poor quality.

– Dip the already eaten ink paper and dry (if it can be photocopied because it is not too crushed when immersed in water). Good ink will not fade quickly in water. If the ink is dissolved in water then the quality is not good.