The advantages of using virtual data rooms are not just about saving or something related to money. In fact, virtual systems that can be used to secure documents can even give you unlimited benefits, such as:

– Ease Backup & Recovery

Servers that run inside a virtual machine can be stored in 1 image containing all the system configuration. If one time the server crashes, we do not need to install and reconfigure. Simply take a copy of the saved image, restore the last backup data and the server runs as usual. Save time, effort and resources.

– Easy Deployment

The virtual server can be cloned as much as possible and can be run on other machines by changing the configuration bit. Reduce the workload of IT staff and speed up the process of implementing a system. Reduce Heat. Reduced number of devices automatically reduce the heat of the server room/data center. This will impact on the reduction of cooling/air conditioning costs and ultimately reduce the cost of electricity usage.

– Reduce Space Cost

The fewer the number of servers means less space to store the device. If the server is placed on a co-location server/data center, this will impact on the reduction of rental costs. Ease of Maintenance & Management. The fewer number of automated servers will reduce the time and cost to manage. A smaller number of servers also means less number of servers to handle.

– Hardware Standardization

Virtualization performs hardware emulation and encapsulation so that the introduction and removal process of a specific hardware specification is not a problem. The system does not need to perform hardware re-detection as installation on the system / physical computer.

– Simplicity of replacement

The process of replacing and upgrading server specifications is easier to do. If the parent server is overloaded and the specifications are insufficient, we can easily upgrade the specification or move the virtual machine to another more powerful server