Today the home furnishings industry is growing, one of which is the furniture in the bathroom. The increasingly mushrooming modern design house, followed by a sophisticated toilet flush. The flush toilet is a closet designed to flush urine or feces by moving the handle or pressing the sprinkler. The watering system allows automatic watering with one-off movements by the user on a particular part of the toilet. In the flush toilet, you may have encountered two buttons for the flush system. Single flush type is using a button and some are using a stick system pulled up. The stick system is commonly found in closets with classical models. Interested in the sit-down closet? Pamper your eyes with a wide selection of toilet reviews that you can get in our place!

Generally, this flush system uses a 3: 6-liter ratio where small buttons remove 3 liters of water and large buttons remove 6 liters of water. However, with the increasingly widespread issue of water conservation, flush systems on sit downcases are made more efficient. Some toilet manufacturers offer a 3: 4.5-liter system for dual flush systems. In fact, with the latest technology, there is a toilet seat that has a more efficient water flush system, which is 2.3: 4.8 liters. Then do these two flush buttons have different functions? Usually, after defecation, you can press the large button or double flush button located at the top of the toilet seat. In this way, the toilet seat will flush your impurities automatically with enough water intensity. You can press more than once to make sure the toilet seat you use is completely clean from the rest of the dirt. While when finished urination, you simply use a small button.

Manufacturers themselves design the two flush buttons on the toilet seat would have a reason, namely efficiency. So we better start now we can save water by pressing the flush button as needed. And certainly always keep your toilet clean.