Every woman who likes watches will certainly choose the AUGUST BERG. When wearing a watch they will feel more confident by wearing a watch. But, do you believe that the way you wear your watch reflects your personality? Curious? Read the following review.

A. Left Hand Facing Down.

Having a high level of responsibility makes this type of person who wears a watch on his left-hand face down is ideal for being a leader. Besides, he can also think logically and quickly in acting. A perfectionist attitude makes it difficult to adapt to change and is easily offended. Even so, his cold but intelligent attitude makes many people more curious about him.

B. Right Hand Facing Down

People who wear clocks like this tend to be shy and lack confidence. Even so, behind the quiet nature, he would be a good listener. His habit of paying attention to the circumstances also makes this type responsive and intelligent. Although a little melancholy this type is a sensitive person and attention!

C. Left Hand Facing Up.

People who wear watches like this usually have a calm and mature attitude. He also tends to think clearly to solve problems without being rushed. His attitude of leadership and responsibility also often makes many people admire him. Unfortunately, his attitude is rigid and tends to be organized makes them have a bad sense of humor.

D. Right Hand Facing Up.

Contrary to people who use the watch on the left, usually, people in this type tend to be more sociable and spontaneous. He is interested in trying new things and living life in unusual ways. No wonder many people like to make friends because of their high sense of humor and enthusiasm. Because like to rush, this type tends to be indifferent and inaccurate.

E. Wear it loosely.

Either in the right or left hand, but if you wear it loosely it means you have a slightly lazy personality. However, you are also a very sociable person so that you have many friendships.