Be careful, transition season can make your car paint dull. For that, keep your car paint durable with care at car detailing los angeles. Currently, the weather is indeed uncertain, sometimes it rains heavily, sometimes it is even scorching hot. This unpredictable weather makes the vehicle have to get extra care to keep it looking perfect find car polish near me.

Car paint is one of the highlights when the weather is unstable. If you pay less attention to car paint, the car paint can become dull and even damaged.

For that, consider the following tips so that your car paint can be maintained properly.

Wash the car after it has been raining
Rainwater contains acids that, if allowed to dry, will form mold and damage car paint. Therefore, you should wash it immediately because acidic substances make car paint dull and moldy.

You don’t have to use soap, just rinse with clean water is enough to remove rainwater from the car.

Do not cover the car with a car cover
drive during homecoming Some people have the wrong mistake about this. They think that if you cover the car with a car cover it will make the paint last longer. However, this is not recommended.

If it is closed at night or when it rains, the surface of the car will become damp and make it moldy, while if it is hot, the dust on the surface of the car will stick because it is not exposed to the wind and is difficult to remove.

Don’t expose it to direct sunlight
As is well known, sunlight can reduce car color levels. For this reason, it is recommended that the car should not be exposed to direct sunlight too often so that the color will last longer and do not fade.

Avoid exposure to night dew
Not only can the body get sick if it absorbs too much night dew, but car paint can too. According to Rocky, night dew contains the same acidic substances as rainwater, as explained in the previous point.

To avoid this, it is better to store your car in a closed place, namely in the garage, so that it is not exposed to tonight’s dew which is the same as rainwater.

Use the wax as needed
Using wax to brighten the color of the car is fine as long as it is not excessive because using it too often will make the car paint erode. So, as long as it is used as needed, it’s okay.

For that, always keep your car paint color in the way above. That way, your car color will always look perfect every day.

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