You certainly have an email address right now, right? This is very reasonable because there are so many people who use email for their various jobs. However, what you have to pay attention to is whether you have maintained your account security properly? If not, then it’s time for you to increase the security of your email account with helpful resources That way, you will feel safe and comfortable when using e-mail to send important files.

There are a number of facts about e-mail hacked and you should know it well. Some of the facts in question are

– Does not do two-step verification
Usually, e-mails that become hackers’ months are e-mails that don’t use two-step verification. This two-step verification will usually connect your e-mail with a mobile number. So, every time there is a login activity, usually, the e-mail provider will ask for an OTP or one-time password to your mobile number to ensure that the login activity is safe.

– Always include an email address on all social media can make your email easily hacked
Including e-mail addresses on all your social media can indeed make it easier for relatives to find your account on social media. But, if you use one e-mail for various purposes, from personal business e-mail to all social media, you might get hacked when your e-mail gets hit, all social media and important data can be threatened. So, try not to include your e-mail address on all your social media and leave it confidential only to certain people.

– Frequently open links in emails sent by unknown people
In addition to opening e-mails in the junk folder, opening a link that is included in an e-mail from an unknown person can also make your e-mail hit with a virus and even get hacked. If there is no clear explanation, you don’t need to open a link from a foreign e-mail.