The Food and Drug Administration, the drug and food regulatory agency in the United States, also mentions that pigments or paint used in tattoo ink are materials used in industry, such as printer ink or car paint. Tattoo ink may also cause an allergic reaction after a tattoo has been made or even years later. At present, it is also being investigated whether pigments and substances can be broken down by the body and their effects in the long term. Meanwhile, visit the best tattoo removal san antonio whenever you wish to get rid of your permanent tattoo.


A granuloma is a skin lump that appears around the tattoo. This lump can become a mole and can cause problems for years. This happens because the body reacts to a foreign object that enters the body. Ink from this tattoo can be said to be a foreign object that will make your skin blister.


Skin that has been tattooed may cause scars that exceed normal limits. This is caused by excessive growth of scar tissue when your skin is tattooed. Keloid has more appearance problems than health. You might feel annoyed with a large keloid and be in a place that is easily visible to people.

Infectious diseases

Tattoos should be made using sterile and disposable needles. If the needle for the tattoo is not sterile and has been used before, it will increase the risk of transmission of several types of dangerous diseases.

Non-sterile needles will allow you to be contaminated with the blood of someone who has an infectious disease. Diseases that can be transmitted through the bloodstream include HIV / AIDS, tetanus, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. So, make sure you make tattoos in a trusted, reputable studio, and always use new needles that are still sealed in the wrapper.

Tattoos can affect magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Metal-based inks can inhibit the inspection process through an MRI scan. In some rare cases, there are also known patients who have burns because their tattoos react with MRI. In addition, the pigment in the tattoo can interfere with the quality of the image taken and if the ink contains metal, the color on the tattoo will fade.