Using a broom stick is one way that is quite draining. Take a broom stick and fan it on the fly or you can hit it directly on the direction of the fly inside the house. One by one the affected flies will die immediately. But this method is enough to be used in large types of flies, usually flies that are green. The more flies that exist, the more draining if you use this method. Apart from that, you can go to if you need to find out more tips to drive the pests away from your property.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil has a strong scent. Take eucalyptus oil the size of a bottle cap, place it in a room that is often infested with flies. And flies will run away with the smell of eucalyptus oil.

Pandan leaves

Pandan leaves can also repel flies. Plant pandan leaves in the house. The aroma of pandan leaves will drive away some flies that roam inside the house. Besides pandan leaves, you can also use Lavender leaves. Pandan leaves are famous for repelling mosquitoes, but can also be used to repel flies.

Using Water-filled Plastics

This method is unique. Who would have thought that plastic and water could be used to repel flies. How to prepare some plastic, then fill the plastic with clear water and tie the plastic filled with water until it swells.

Place it in a place where flies often come. This method proved very effective. It’s a little unreasonable to use this method. In theory, plastic that contains water when it comes to flies, the fly will be confused and disappear due to the refraction of light by plastic.

Fly glue

Fly glue is very effective for killing flies. These fly flies sold in store stores, especially shops that sell insect repellent. The trick is to place the glue on paper or plywood, bro, where it is usually handled by flies. When the fly is exposed to glue, the fly will not be able to go anywhere else and the results are very satisfying.