If you include people who like warmth and dim light, then you must always use candles in every corner of your house. in fact, there are many people who use spiritual candles for every worship activity they do or can also make them have a positive energy and different spirit in running the various activities they have every day.

There are many colors of candles that are usually used for spiritual activities. Different wax colors also show the existence of different meanings and symbols in each color. some meaning of each color is

1. White
This color is usually present in candles commonly used in any ritual or prayer. White is the color that symbolizes purity, spirituality, and peace. In some cultures, white is the color of death and mourning. However, most people symbolize white as a sacred color, clean and full of purity and honesty.

2. Red
This color often lies in candles for health rituals, adds energy, strength, charm, courage, enhances one’s attractiveness and is well used in rituals aimed at the various things above.

3. Gold
This color is widely used in rituals to attract the influence of p [ositif, and increase one’s charisma. Many also use it to boost their confidence, career success and the wealth they covet.

4. Black
Although you will rarely see candles in black, in fact, these waxes really exist and can be used for the foundation of negative energy, or just to counteract the negative energy in order not to get to yourself.

5. Orange
This color is often used in rituals of luck and increases one’s spirit and ambition. In addition, many people use the color in their wax because it can increase the attraction to be more attractive in the eyes of others and can find what they want and can be viewed better in the eyes of others.