If you are a person who likes altitude and challenges adrenaline, then you will be very right at Dufan ancol. Because there are many rides that challenge adrenaline and are related to the height you can ride. One of the rides that always give a surprise is arung jeram dufan, you will feel the real rafting ride.

In Dufan itself, there are many rides related to the height that you can ride. All these rides will certainly challenge your adrenaline because it is quite tense. Some of the rides that relate to altitude but you can still enjoy at Dufan are

1. Kora-Kora
Have you ever played swing? It must have been right. Almost the same, this ride has a concept similar to a swing but on a large scale. Visitors will be swung back and forth to a 90-degree slope. This ride is a favorite for teenagers to test adrenaline, it is highly recommended for those of you who have heart disease not to try this ride.

2. Hysteria
Another ride that is able to test the visitor’s adrenaline is Hysteria. Visitors will be as if thrown up within one per second and then immediately thrown down. This ride for 24 people can take you to a height of 60 meters in just 4 seconds.

3. Kicir-Kicir
This ride has become one of the favorite rides for visitors because it is the most challenging in Dufan. How not, this ride will make you turn around at a height of 17 meters and bring you spinning 360 degrees while rolling. With a capacity of 24 people, this ride is more appropriately enjoyed with friends or relatives so you can share stories after enjoying this ride.

4. tornado
The ride that started operating in 2007 is perfect for those of you who want to test adrenaline. It is one of the most extreme, thrilling and entertaining rides. You can imagine when you are invited to rotate 360 ?degrees at a high speed above the height. The ride with a capacity of 40 people is more appropriate when enjoyed with friends.