Arung jeram or also know as rafting has become the most favorite sport for the one who loves nature very much. Arung jeram is categorized as an extreme water sport. But for the one who doesn’t like extreme things, you may try arung jeram in Dufan. Arung jeram dufan is an artificial rafting and it is made just for fun.

For the one who loves water sport and nature so much, you may try arung jeram in these areas. First, there is the Progo River. Progo River is located in Magelang, Central Java. Progo river has 3 sections. There are Progo downside, upstream, and upside. The level of difficulty of Progo downside is in grade 5 but the others section is in grade 3. For the one who wants to enjoy the nature, you may choose Progo upstream, it has a length of 26 km.

Second, there is Ayung River from Bali. Ayung River is located in Rafting Bongkasa village. The route that the Ayung River has is the best route for the beginner. The level of difficulty oh this river is in grade 2 until grade 3.

Third, there is a river that comes from Magelang, Central Java. This river is called Elo River. The level of difficulty that Elo River has is in grade 2 until grade 3. Some people recommend that you better come to this place in the afternoon. Because the sunlight will make the scenery more beautiful.

Last but not least comes from Pangandaran, West Java. This river is also known as Green Canyon. This place is different from the others. Some people said Green Canyon is the place to do rafting. But, they are not using an inflatable boat, a mini boat and many more. Green Canyon is using the method of body rafting. From its’ name, they will give you an amazing scenery.