Two German maritime experts put forward the idea of ​​turning a luxury cruise ship or warship into a floating hospital to treat patients infected with the Covid-19 virus. Compared to a makeshift hospital in a sports hall or a former airplane hangar, a cruise ship hospital offers better facilities. Rich people who have very kind hearts are also competing to find luxury boats for sale that will be used as floating hospitals.

Compared to emergency hospitals in large rooms on the ground, which are usually only sealed off on an emergency basis, they are provided with breathing apparatus and no longer need to receive intensive medical services. While logistics or food must also be supplied by catering.

While on cruise ships the requirements are much better, comfortable, and safe. Medical services, food, and logistics, all centralized in one location, namely on cruise ships. Hygiene standards are also guaranteed, oxygen cylinders have been prepared. The quality of intensive medical care is also much better than in the sports hall because on cruise ships all ventilation is well designed.

The United States ready to operate the floating hospital
The US Navy, according to the latest information, has concretely realized this idea. Maritime security experts confirmed that in an interview.

Two US Navy ship hospitals, which were built from the base of a tanker, have now been dispatched for a mission to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. One hospital ship departs for New York and the other for Los Angeles or Seattle, to increase hospital bed capacity. In the two cities on the west coast of the United States, each of them has prepared an additional 1,000 beds in hospitals.

The European Union is not ready
But unfortunately, the European Union has not prepared itself with regulations, so that it can use some of the cruise ship fleets operating in its territory to become floating hospitals. Whereas the European Union has a Center for Disease Management in Stockholm which could be a competent agency. Also in the NATO alliance, the navies of each country should be able to play a role in supporting this solution.

Maritime experts also suggested that such a floating hospital solution should be coordinated by the European Union. Be it medical personnel, equipment, and operations. The goal is that aid can be sent quickly to member countries that need it, to defuse the crisis.