Many people, in general, want to ensure that the result they get from the renovation project will be the one meets their needs and dream. If you think so, then the best way to realize is working with the bathroom renovations in Perth service provider. With the many providers out there, you can ensure that the bathroom renovation job done quickly with less to no errors. The following are main points must be considered before beautifying the bathroom in your home.


If the bathroom bath has to be renovated but you are not ready for the design, the first thing to look at is your finances. Preparing finances first will be very helpful, so you will know what to buy with the money you have.

Design and Function

Before deciding what color and content in it, you have to think about the functions and who uses the bathroom most often. Because, the design and color that is applied must be in accordance with who is using it.


Many people assume, renovating the bathroom takes less time than the other rooms. However, this is not necessarily the case. This depends on how many items and designs you want. Planning time is very important, especially for homes that only have one bathroom.

Lighting and Ventilation

Make sure the lighting in the bathroom is maximum. Minimal lighting in the bathroom is 4 watts per m2. In addition, natural lighting also needs to come from ventilation, for example. Aside from being natural lighting, ventilation also functions as a good air flow that prevents the growth of fungi in moist areas.

Storage Shelves

Shelves and other storage areas are the solution for bathroom tidiness. Moreover, if the bathroom is small. The shelf must be functional and can hold lots of things. And the most important thing is to make these items easy to reach.