Design (appearance) is an important element in a website. Website design describes the characteristics of a brand and gives the impression of a brand to website visitors. Not only that, but website design can also affect user comfort when on the website. With an attractive and easy-to-use design, it will make them feel at home for a long time on your website. As we already know, website design trends always change and develop every year. Web designers also continue to create new techniques to produce attractive, unique, and powerful website designs. Speaking of powerful web design, perhaps you want to check out outofthesandbox promo code if you want to get a flex theme for your website.

So what are the website design trends in 2021? Here’s the explanation:

Dark Mode

Dark mode (dark mode) is a website feature that allows users to change the color theme to black (dark). Dark mode makes your website look more modern and comfortable to look at, especially when the website is accessed on an OLED screen.

The dark mode also makes elements on the website stand out more, such as the navigator, sidebar, CTA, and others.

Use of 3D Elements

In 2020 you will see many website designs that use 3D elements, be it static, animated, or interactive designs. The 3D element is an element that is created in 3-dimensional digital space. The concept of the 3D element itself is a model that has shape, volume, and space.

The use of 3D elements will make objects on your website look more attractive and more real.

Using a Luminous Color Scheme

Color is important and unique in the world of visual design. Color has no shape, symbol, or size to convey the message. But color can influence the mind and mood of the viewer.

In website design, the color scheme is an important thing to consider. One of the color schemes that are trending website design in 2020 is the luminous color scheme.

A luminous color scheme is a scheme that makes colors look more radiant (glow). Through this color scheme, your website will look more unique and powerful.