There are many reasons why pipes and drains clogged that need to be handled by the best plumbers in San Diego. In the kitchen, oils and fats will settle and freeze when cold temperatures are exposed to water, causing drains to become clogged. Some people say that you just need to pour hot water down the drain, but this doesn’t always help.

Solution: mix a little detergent and hot water, then pour the liquid into the drain. Detergent solution and hot water will break down the grease that clogs. If this doesn’t work, try using a commercial sewer cleaning product, following the directions on the bottle carefully. Prevention: avoid throwing oil in drains, use a tissue or throw it in the trash.

Food residue is the main cause of clogged kitchen sink pipes. However, the drains in the bathroom may be clogged for the same reason. Some food residues such as tea and coffee grounds are so difficult to decompose that they accumulate in waterways. The fix: use the services of a plumber to fix this problem, and do regular cleaning. Prevention: avoid throwing the rest of the drink or food in the bathroom.

Tissues and diapers are also one of the main reasons of clooged pipes and drains. Without us knowing it, we often throw tissue and used diapers into the toilet. Tissues and diapers are two things that are very difficult to decompose and the biggest cause of clogged toilets. Small pieces of tissue, as well as plastic and microgel particles in diapers, can also clog drains. Solution: clean the pipe thoroughly and perform regular cleaning. Prevention: use an easily biodegradable tissue. Also, avoid throwing diapers in drains and toilets. Throw it in the trash immediately.

Clogged drains seem to be a common problem that every home has. So, you should keep the drains from getting clogged by knowing well what and how to maintain it.