Wow, Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Unfortunately, at this time we are still advised not to travel and stay at home so that the spread of COVID-19 does not spread. However, you don’t need to be sad because Kania has a brilliant idea so you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner. Just invite him to a candlelight dinner on the roof of the house! With the presence of a rooftop at home, you can spend quality time with your loved one without being disturbed by the crowds. While enjoying the view of the twinkling stars and night city lights, your mood will improve after spending time on the rooftop with your partner. Very romantic, isn’t it? Designing a rooftop doesn’t need to be complicated, just start with something simple, like the rooftop inspiration above. Classical arrangements, such as carpets, large pillows that have been washed by a get more information service, a small table plus attractive flowers, can all instantly lift the mood and make a romantic impression. To be extra aesthetic, choose rooftop decorations with cheerful colors.

Can’t eat at a fancy cafe or restaurant with him? Just make a private cafe on the rooftop of your house! For those of you who want to look your best, take a peek at the cafe-style rooftop design with a modular installation system. This beautiful wooden deck already uses a waterproof coating, complete with dim LED lights. Roofing is also practical and can be provided separately. The atmosphere of the cafe feels really good, right? The concept of this rooftop is a bit different because it utilizes the edge of the house. With an open roof and still integrated into the structure of the house, this rooftop design uses sliding doors with transparent glass material. Meanwhile, the rooftop floor is equipped with wood for a more pronounced outdoor transition. Add various potted plants and vines, as well as glass railings on the balcony. Guaranteed, this rooftop idea will make you feel at home with your partner!

The name Valentine does not always have to be with the lover, but can also be celebrated with beloved family. With this warm rooftop design, you can spend quality time with your family while feeling the comfort of a rattan sofa and soft pillows. You can also beautify the rooftop area with natural accents, such as decorative plant stems and wooden fences, plus fresh flower pots.
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