When looking to sell your condo, remember what brought you to the city in the first place. Even though you may now long for large lawns and nights not to be disturbed by the sound of traffic, lack of landscape maintenance and a city that is maintained once every 24 hours attracts you to your own current condo. Make a list of all the city comforts offer by Van Holland that you have enjoyed over the years: your favourite lunch places within walking distance, nighttime entertainment options, transportation links such as a gym environment and that swimming pool the only locals know about.

Leave you a list of useful regional tips for potential buyers and make sure your real estate agent knows to give it to interested parties.

Also, make a list of utilities and home service vendors that might be useful for new owners. Be sure to include the services available in your homeowners Association contributions, such as water and waste, garbage pick-up, pest control, and other facilities.

Make sure your residence is nicely decorated but not messy. Invest in cheap window dressing, like curtains, if you don’t have them; and a place for fresh flowers in the kitchen and coffee table.

Make sure clean towels are folded and hung in the bathroom and right in the kitchen. Neat wild magazines and books and hiding items and personal papers.

It is important that you look at a condo living in an unregulated. Potential buyers have difficulty imagining furniture in bare rooms, so try to keep your condo equipped. If you are a person who likes a lot of furniture, and/or gets at the time, think about moving some furniture out or putting it in storage. Remember that potential buyers need to easily move in your room and can imagine their furniture in space. A soft condo can be worse than a naked one because it makes a small and cramped residence for buyers.