The messages you send are secured by a key, this key is only owned by the recipient and you only, this key serves to open and read messages. Every message you send has different keys, or always changes on every sent message, All this happens automatically. Meanwhile, you can also use Bug Detector for the more secure privacy and protection from espionage.

WhatsApp does not have the ability to view messages or to listen to calls on WhatsApp (intercept), This happens because the encryption process and decryption messages sent via WhatsApp happen entirely on the device you use.

During this time there is a way to do metadata or spy on WhatsApp by using WhatsApp web.
“Whatsapp web” is a feature of WhatsApp app that works to open and use WhatsApp via pc or laptop with the help of browser (google chrome etc)

1. WhatsApp version update you are using the latest version of Whatsapp, you can check in the play store whether WhatsApp you are using is the latest version or not.

2. Always use the “AppLock” feature to lock apps that are private, if there is no AppLock feature on your Android phone you can download and install on play store. Use “AppLock” for the following highly personal and vulnerable applications:

SMS, Phone, Setting, Whatsapp, BBM, Fb, IG, Mobile Banking.

It may be a bit complicated to have to unlock (password, pin, pattern) every time you open the applications, but for security reasons, you should get used to doing that.

3. Never lend your phone to anyone with the positions of important applications and very personal not in a locked state.

Actually sending messages using Whatsapp is safer when compared to sending messages using SMS, for example:

Some GSM providers provide features that can forward the contents of SMS messages received automatically (SMS forwarding).
if you receive an SMS message from someone, then the contents of the SMS message automatically will be sent also to the number previously set. it can certainly be used someone to spy on or tap SMS received by you.

The way that SMS cannot be intercepted by people does the same as described above, which is locking important applications by using “AppLock” feature.

Thus the explanation of How to make WhatsApp and SMS cannot be tapped people, good luck and remain vigilant.