Male baldness is common and makes many men feel worried about baldness. Baldness is generally caused by genes that are brought at birth and inherited by the mother. But not only that, our bad habits can actually cause baldness. We can not freely change the appearance if it has experienced baldness. In addition, baldness also makes a person feel old and not interesting anymore. Therefore, many anti-bald drugs have been created both chemically and naturally, including Profollica. Profollica ingredients include safe use. That’s why many doctors recommend Profollica to prevent hair loss and regrow hair.

Symptoms of baldness usually begin with thinning hair. Thinning hair can occur in the front of both sides of the forehead or also on the top around the crown. This thinning of hair occurs slowly and gradually until we do not realize it. This new hair thinning can be seen if we compare it with a photo a few years earlier.

Hair that grows at a great distance is a symptom of baldness. It is very difficult to realize even by looking directly at the distance of hair. But if you have a comparison of your hair distance a few years ago maybe you can find out. The way that I think is effective enough to find out is to look at your hair through the glass in direct sunlight. Rare hair will surely be easily penetrated by sunlight.

Another symptom of baldness is the change of hair contour. Usually, this happens to the front of the hair on the forehead. This change occurs slowly as the erosion of land on the beach. Will not be seen in a short time but will be visible when compared in a period of several years. Changes in the contour of this hair will be realized if the forehead is not covered with widespread hair.