Have you ever seen a drummer who seems to play a stick but can be very free and didn’t lose the grip? Maybe you think that this technique is only controlled by a professional player. But apparently not because this technique can also be beloved by all beginners. Basically, you can use a gripping technique then let the stick bounce perfectly when it has touched the drum. After that make sure that the handle of the finger and the stick is very strong and then you can move the stick very easily. All parts of your fingers should be flexible when moving the drum. In the meantime, perhaps you should also check out the best drumsticks that can improve your convenient during your performance and training.

American grip technique

Another type of technique you can learn as a beginner drummer is American handling techniques. As the name implies then you should try holding the stick with the bottom of the arm and the thumb is on the side of three-quarters of the stick. The angle of the stick should be between 60 and 80 degrees. This technique becomes more attractive to all drum players because it can make the wrist and thumb become more relaxed. This technique is also different from the French and German way because both of these movements give priority to the side of the thumb.

Free and controlled techniques

Another type of technique that should not be forgotten by all beginners is holding with free technique and also controlled. You can try to bring the stick with a higher position to the shoulder. Then in the control start pressing the drum and then use the finger to control the movement of the stick.

Traditional techniques

Types of traditional techniques are also not to be missed by all newbies just learning. Although this technique is considered ancient but can test the way your finger when holding the stick. You can try to hold the stick with the main point on the thumb and index finger. Then the other four fingers only support the movement only. The point is all the movement up, down and punch just using the strength of the thumb and index finger. The result of this movement can create a stronger sound but will not make your hands feel tired.