Spending the end of the year vacation at home alone might sound boring. But actually, there are lots of exciting activities that can be done with children. One of them is watching a movie together. In this case, you don’t have to go to the movies to watch a movie because you can also do it at home. Even more so if you use a streaming service or site like freemovies. Watching movies tends to be considered as simple entertainment without meaning. This depends on the film being watched together, the film can be an exciting learning medium for children. Try to choose some films that have good quality to watch together, then build a discussion of the film’s theme. There are many benefits of watching a movie together, here are some of them.

Sharpening children’s social abilities. Films usually contain meaningful messages that he can use in his social life. Conduct discussions with children about messages in the film so that they do not misinterpret meanings. The moral message in the film can be used as a reference to hone life lessons. It is very important to provide life lessons for children so that they can become individuals who are ready to grow up. Discuss the lessons and characters of each character in the child. Separate between good and bad.

Next is the opportunity for an in-depth discussion. Some films contain issues that are sensitive to children. Use the opportunity to watch a movie to be able to discuss the issue clearly with them. Start with small talk and continue in more depth. You can also make a character in the film a good or bad example for them. The last is to increase self-confidence. Being surrounded by family members can create a sense of security and confidence for children. They will also be triggered to explore more without fear of failure.