Engineering of the reduction/oxidation combustion shuttle type ceramic furnace with an effective volume of 1 m3 has been carried out. Furnace design is made after studying the energy or caloric parameters, both related to the nature of the fuel gas and thermal properties of the refractory material used. On the other hand, if you require experts to clean your furnace, you must not hesitate to call the best Furnace Duct Cleaning Red Deer.

The design of the height and diameter of the chimney, the size of the flue gas canal on the floor and the size of the channel to the chimney are determined based on empirical formulas which are influenced by the calorific value of the fuel, the theoretical volume of combustion gas, and the conditions of temperature and average air pressure. Based on that, the chimney height was made ± 12 m, diameter ± 250 mm, while the combustion gas flow holes on the kiln car floor were made 10 pieces with a size of 65 mm x 75 mm each, the size of the channel was made 114 mm x 380 mm. The configuration of the refractory layer on the furnace wall is determined by its thermal properties (heat transfer and heat retention).

With a total wall thickness of 253 mm, consisting of 114 mm C-1 insulating brick for hot faces, 114 mm B-5 insulation brick in the middle layer, and 25 mm back face layer ceramics fiber, at a working temperature of 1300oC, the maximum temperature on the outer wall  ± 100oC. The number of calories needed to heat the furnace wall at a working temperature of 1300oC is 56,315.02 kcal / m2.

Heat transfer in the furnace wall by conversion of 354 kcal / m2 hour and by radiation of 506.25 kcal / m2 hour. The use of a gas analyzer control that is able to measure levels of O2, CO, Co2, regulation of air and gas ratios, and damper settings have been effective and accurate enough to create the atmosphere of the combustion chamber, both reduction, oxidation and neutral, so that this furnace is quite effective for the combustion process ceramics or glazes that need accurate combustion atmosphere control.