More and more people are using mobile devices for browsings, such as using smartphones for every job or everyday task. Jobs that used to be done only through personal computers (desktop & laptop) now almost all can be used also through mobile devices. Visit our website to get the best agence web.

The Internet has already begun to be taken over by mobile devices, more and more people are utilizing mobile for browsing, not even browsing, but activity in social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram, path, all done in mobile devices.

Websites should now be accessible via personal computers (desktops & laptops) and should also be accessible from mobile devices (smartphones & tablets), and solutions to accommodate both responsive webs, allowing websites to adjust the screen size of the devices used by visitors web.

Responsive web design can provide visitors with a better experience. For example, users do not have to mess around with zoom and shrink text and images on the screen. This makes it easier and more convenient for users to read and browse your site.

And there is a statistic that describes why user experience is so important. According to Google Think Insight in Mobile, whenever someone arrives on your mobile web and gets frustrated, or does not see their content in a short period of time, there is a 61% chance of leaving your website to go to another website. However, every time a visitor has a positive experience with your mobile site, 67% are likely to buy a product or use services on the web. In addition, 48% of users said to Google that when a site did not function on a mobile device they felt that the organization did not care about their business (the proof is that the web cannot be opened from a cell phone).

And there is the possibility of someone complaining about the difficulty of using a particular site, then they will write or vent on social media about the bad of the site, and this certainly tarnishes the reputation of your website.