Rafting or also known as arung jeram is an extreme water sport. However, some arung jeram are not made for sport. For example, arung jeram dufan. Arung jeram dufan is made more for fun. They are using an artificial river. But don’t worry, for those who want to try or play the real arung jeram, you may try in these areas.

First, we have Citarik River. Citarik River is located in Sukabumi. This river becomes the most favorite destination for the one who loves a sport, nature, and extreme things. Citarik River has so many kinds of routes. When you start your journey, the forest on the right and left side will welcome you harga tiket dufan desember 2018.

Second, now this river comes from Probolinggo. This river is called Pekalen River. The total length of this river is 29km. This river has 3 section, there are the upside, middle side, and downside. The upside part has a length of 12 km, the middle side 7 km, and the downside has a length of 10km. They also have 2 types of grades. They are in grade 2-3.

Third, there is Elo River from Magelang. This river is located in Pare Village, Blondo Mungkid, Magelang. To wade this Elo River, it takes around 2 until 3 hours. This river has a length of 12km. This Elo River is in grade 2. So it safe for a beginner.

Next river is also from Magelang. This river is called the Progo River. Progo River is in Central Java and Yogyakarta border. In Progo River, you can choose the level of difficulty and also the scenery. This river has a length of 9km and it takes 1 until 2 hours to wade this Progo River.

Last, this river is from Bogor. This river is called the Cisadane River. Cisadane River has 4 until 5 rapids. Every rapid have their own level of difficulty. Cisadane river will give great scenery.