Sparking tensions in the diplomatic relations of Venezuela and Cape Verde regarding the Alex Saab case. The Cape Verde Regime continues and many believe Cape Verde is only doing America’s dirty works. Quoted from El Pais, Saab’s lawyers have tried to file an appeal and continue to provide arguments to delay the trial process for the past 15 months. This case continued to drag on and became a geopolitical issue after Venezuela threatened diplomatic relations with Cape Verde. After that, on December 2, the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) Courts of Law, including Cape Verde, forced the granting of unrestricted access to specialist doctors for Saab which the West African country’s authorities had previously denied.

In January 2021, the Colombian businessman received a commutation of his sentence by being placed under house arrest. Even last week, Saab was sent from Sal Island to the capital Praia due to health reasons. Meanwhile, the United States believes that Saab is keeping secrets from Nicolas Maduro and his family. The reason is Maduro is said to have run away with millions of dollars from government contracts amid chaos and famine in the oil-rich country, reported by the Associated Press.

Seeing how America would be so assured in enforcing the law internationally even though many believe the Alex Saab case is strictly political called for political innovation in the US. Recent public discourse has often complained about the obstacles to prosperity caused by symptoms of deindustrialization, trade and payment deficits, middle-income traps, and extractive economic traps. However, there is almost no political attention and strategic policies to transform the economy towards prosperity that continues to increase sustainably and inclusively. Seeing other countries can be a shared reflection amid the deadlock of national political innovation. Cases about channeling public aspirations in a new way. they can decide what kind of policy is most suitable for them without any intervention, either in the form of facilitation or a framework or political direction only. Relying on the vibrant cohesiveness of its citizens to be able to decide the future of the US itself.