Home care is a nursing service provided by patients in their homes, which is a synthesis of community nursing services and technical skills originating from certain health specialties, which focus on individual nursing care involving the family, with the aim of healing, maintaining and improving health. the patient’s physical, mental or emotional. So, why is home care needed? If you are considering hiring only the best professional from trusted home care agency, then you have the chance to get the best experience in getting such the following benefits:

1. Home Care services can help increase the cost of hospitalization because it can reduce the cost of patient accommodation, transportation, and family consumption.

2. Strengthening family ties, because it can always be closed when a family member is sick.

3. Feel more comfortable because you are at home.

4. The more women who work outside the home, so the task of caring for sick people is usually done by mothers is hampered because of the presence of nurses to replace.

What is the Purpose of Home Care Services? The general purpose of home care is improving the quality of life of patients and families. Sure, home care becomes the choice of many individuals due to its advantages which then make everyone start to think about investing in such this service to get the great return on investment.

Special purpose
– Fulfilled basic needs (bio-psycho-social-spiritual) independently
– Increasing the independence of the family in maintaining health
– Improve the quality of health nursing services at home

Home Care Principles
– Home Care management is carried out by nurses or teams
– Applying concepts as a basis for making decisions in practice
– Collect data systematically, accurately and comprehensively
– Using data from the results of the study to map nursing diagnoses
– Develop nursing plans based on nursing diagnoses
– Giving preventive, curative, promotive and rehabilitative services
– Evaluating the response of patients and their families in nursing interventions