Playing games is a lot of people selected to spend spare times or even get money from games they play. There are several types of games that can make you benefit if you have a card. The card you can get by using appnana code. There are many uses and benefits that you will get if you have the card.

There are some people who still think that games will only bring adverse effects on their lives. In fact, the games turned out to bring good effects for them can even improve the intelligence of the brain. Here are some reasons why games can improve brain intelligence.

1. Improve Vision
In fact, playing action-type games will train the brain to see better. People who regularly play games usually will be able to see the writing or detail that smaller compared with people who never play games. Another benefit is the game was able to improve the sharpness of color, such as the black or gray level.

2. Improving Concentration
Should focus on these games while moving your hands to play games will certainly make you improve and train focus and concentration. The number of levels that must be passed will make you improve the ability of concentration in every level you play. Because the higher the level you have reached, the harder the obstacles you have to go.

3. Improve Logic
Playing games can also train the brain part that chooses a concentration, and the part of the brain that serves to keep the concentration. This will make you learn to share the concentration you are focusing on.

Playing games does not always have an adverse effect on your personality and body as a whole. However, you should still pay attention to the duration that you do to play these games. The duration of playing games too long is also considered not good for health. For that, play with the right duration and do not interfere with other activities you have. Try, to keep doing activities well so that everything you do can run smoothly.