Giving a touch of grass on the floor of the house is the right choice as a reflection when bored and tired. If you feel the hassle of caring for live grass in the house, you can replace it with synthetic grass as a solution. Synthetic grass is also no less comfortable than real grass. Originally the right type of grass was selected. Apart from being a home decoration, artificial grass is also used as a floor for futsal, golf, and other sports. There are several kinds of synthetic grass, just adjust it for installation in the house.

Here are 3 types of synthetic grass that are suitable for home decoration:

1. Golf Synthetic Grass

As the name implies, this grass is generally used on golf courses that are indoors or on concrete. Golf artificial grass is 10 mm high. The advantage of synthetic golf grass over real grass is that it has a relatively flat surface so that the golf ball will have a better speed.

Although generally used on golf courses, this artificial grass can be installed in your home garden or your home. Golf synthetic grass has a durability of around 7-8 years when used indoors, while it can last for 3-4 years outdoors.

2. Japanese Synthetic Grass

Japanese synthetic grass is usually made of monofilament material. This type is most often used for home gardens, offices, public places, and decorations. Japanese artificial grass height ranges from 20-40 mm.

When looking for synthetic grass for home decorating needs that can be used for relaxing, Japanese synthetic grass is most suitable because it feels very soft. The design is made similar to the original.

3. Switzerland Synthetic Grass

Switzerland synthetic grass is also a great choice for indoor and outdoor gardens. This grass can also be used for futsal courts. The ideal height for Switzerland-type synthetic grass is 30 mm, but on the market, this type of synthetic grass can be found in various sizes between 20-40 mm.

The texture of Switzerland synthetic grass is smoother and more resistant to stamping, so it is very suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This is because Switzerland grass is made of quality synthetic fibers.