Choosing and buying an apartment is certainly important for many people. For that matter, of course, there are many things to be considered. Some things include facilities and other things that need to be considered as well. One of the apartment complexes you can choose is marina one residences. There are various interesting facilities that you can get there.

However, unfortunately, from the many apartments that provide various facilities, there are still people who are wrong in choosing and buying the apartment. Some of the mistakes they always make are

– Bad apartment location
This is a common mistake that is very often done. Many people who buy an apartment for investment or also to residence do not consider the location of his apartment. This often happens to newbies who just bought an apartment. Due to the location of the crowded strategic strategists can be very useful for you who want to sell it back. In fact, the selling price of the apartment can be even higher.

– Not Paying attention to Apartment Purchase Procedure
Tips to buy an apartment for beginner to-2 is to pay attention to the procedure of purchasing the apartment carefully. Perhaps many of you think of it as trivial, why?
Because, when making an apartment purchase, you are given some payment facilities by the developer. So you are required to be a wise person in considering the advantages and disadvantages.

– Not Seeing the Developer’s Reputation
Buyers beginner apartments are not infrequently gullible with the lure of cheap prices. Though the credibility of the developer is still doubtful and unclear.
Therefore do not be easy to believe with apartment developers that have not been trusted. The reason, maybe the apartment developers are experiencing problems such as debt-wracked and so forth.

– Not Taking into account Additional Fees
Many novice property investors do not consider the issue of additional costs and others. If you do not take into account the additional cost of the occupied apartment you will never benefit from the property investment. So, calculate the additional cost when buying the apartment wisely!