When you really want to listen to some music in the bathroom, then you may think to bring your smartphone or speaker into the bathroom with you. Although it makes sense for you to do so, we recommend you not to do it. It’s because the water might damage your speaker or smartphone, and that’s why we suggest you buy the best shower speakers instead. However, before you decide which shower speaker that you want to buy, there are several signs of a well-designed shower speaker that you must know, such as:

It matches the design of your bathroom

A good shower speaker emphasizes the atmosphere of your bathroom, and it doesn’t ruin it. That’s why we recommend you to consider its shape, color, and size so you can place it in your bathroom easily, and it looks good in it and not too stand out among other items in the bathroom. A good shower speaker lends in your bathroom aesthetically, and it won’t be too pretty or too dull for your bathroom.

It can be placed and moved easily

As you can expect, a good shower speaker can be move easily. Furthermore, they can also be placed on walls, shower poles, and of course, it can also look nice if you put it near your sink. That’s why we suggest you choose the one which provides more convenience for you instead of problems, so you can enjoy listening to some music while you take a shower with ease.

Its buttons are not slippery

Some speakers usually have several buttons that allow you to turn it on or off, or you simply use a tiny wheel to adjust the volume of your songs. Nevertheless, a well-designed shower speaker’s buttons aren’t slippery even in the wet condition, so you can turn it on or off, or simply adjust the volume of your songs without any problem.