The highway is one area that must be faced with smart and alert. The threat is not only road accidents, but also criminal acts. Even a tightly closed car sometimes can’t protect its passengers. One of the reasons is the lack of vigilance of drivers which makes it easier for criminals to carry out their actions. Additionally, some cases might lead the victim to be wrongly accused, and perhaps you need to hire the best Gary Rohlwing criminal lawyer if this happened to you.

Before you become a victim, when driving always apply these steps:

1. Make sure you are ready to drive

Avoid driving if the body is not fit, sick, controlled by emotions such as sadness, anger, excessive pleasure, or stress. This condition lowers alertness, the driver becomes careless and less aware of the threats around him.

2. Do travel planning

Set the time and route of the trip. Identify and avoid areas prone to crime and traffic jams. Avoid driving alone at night. If it is inevitable, choose a path that is bright and crowded. It’s better to be further away but safe than near but vulnerable, dark, the road broken and unfamiliar.

3. Prepare the vehicle

Always do a pre-trip inspection. Check all parts of the vehicle. Tires, keys, lights to the engine, make sure everything is working properly. So that you don’t have to stop in the middle of the road because the car breaks down.

4. Take care of the appearance

Do not wear excessive make-up and jewelry, because it invites robbers. Especially if the windshield is bright enough. Women tend to be chosen as victims, if you are driving at night, it is better if you are not too visible if you are a woman.

5. Secure your items

Do not leave items scattered on the seat or dashboard. Put your wallet and cellphone in a closed place, briefcase, laptop, camera, and so on in the trunk so that they are not visible from the outside.

Criminals target when the car is running, jammed until it is time to refuel at the gas station. They did not immediately act at the gas station. As soon as they see valuables, they stalk and carry out robberies as soon as they get the chance, a deserted road for example.