If you have a car, then what you need to pay attention to is the garage you have to provide to store the car. However, the garage you make will certainly suffer damage for a certain period. The part that is often damaged is the garage door part. You can use the services of the porte de garage to be able to handle damage to the door.

Although it only functions as a parking lot, of course, the design of the car garage cannot be arbitrary. In making the right side car garage design, here are some things you need to pay attention to so that the car garage design model next to your house is right and does not disturb the inside of your house.


– Pay attention to the height of the floor design of garage. Design so that water can flow more easily when you wash your car in a garage.

– Don’t forget to also provide a water tap that you can use to wash the car. Put the water faucet in a location that is easy to reach but will not interfere with your activities that pass or park the car. Also, think about water flow and water discharge.

– Make sure the flow of water is properly wasted in the correct sewer. So that your car’s garage is not too wet and dirty when you are washing your car.

– Another thing that you need to pay attention to in the example of the design of a car garage next to a house is the selection of the garage roof to protect the entire body of your car. This protection will specifically secure the body and paint of your car from exposure to sunlight and rain that cannot be predicted for a lifetime. When making a garage roof, you should also pay attention to the height, length, and width of the garage.

– You also need to choose the right model of the fence in the design idea of ?the car side house garage. The choice of the garage door is very influential in the appearance of the garage next to your house. The door model that you can use starts from the automatic door, sliding door, the door that is lifted from the top so that it can be opened and closed as usual.