Health is a treasure that is priceless. Therefore to stay healthy people are willing to do anything. All the ways that are done both of medical and non-medical value, from the logical to the supernatural nuance is a variety of efforts made by many people from various circles to always be healthy or regain health.

Not infrequently the way that spent a lot of costs and even also rarely crashed into various norms and logic. But actually keeping yourself healthy is not difficult, sometimes it does not cost anything at all. But surely it takes extra patience and patience that few people can to stay consistent.

– Expand Drinking Water Consumption

Did you know that most of us actually do not drink enough water every day? This is certainly a bad thing because as we know water is very important for our body. This is because we lose water every day through urine, defecation, sweat and breathing, so we need to fill our water intake.

A study shows the quantity of water we require is dependent on some factors. Like climate and weather conditions, a physical activity we do, and weight, but usually we need 2-3 litres of water intake. If signs appear like for example; Your urine is coloured or slightly yellow, dry lips, dry mouth and slight urination. Drink water immediately because of the signs that appear because your body starts to lack fluids.

– Sleep and Rest Enough

Adequate sleep and rest are one of the keys to healthy living habits. This is very reasonable because the body desperately needs a break to be able to re-activity with a maximum. But if you do not rest well, you can compensate by eating more, but this is not recommended by health experts. Enough rest and sleep also prevent premature ageing.

– Meditation

Meditation calms the mind and soothes your soul. Tranquillity itself is very useful for health because it can keep us from stress that is the source of many diseases and health problems.