It is said that at the beginning of the discovery of a knife, about 2.5 million years ago, the knife was made of stone which was beaten until it was thin and formed a simple knife blade. About 5,000 years ago, knife-making materials other than made from stone, wood, or bone, transplanted using copper, iron, and aluminum. Get Kitchen Knife King by visiting our website. There is no other knife that better Chef’s knife than this.

The first iron blade, both sides of the blade, on the left and right, were both sharp. This happens because it cheats the dagger. At that time, humans only process food by burning or roasting the game, so it is appropriate to use a knife with both sides as sharp. Furthermore, the sharp side of the blade is on one side only. Why? Because the knife is no longer only used for cutting game, but also has started to use when cooking.

Now, the ‘face’ of the blade is increasingly diverse. Materials for the blades there are also made of aluminum, ceramic, or titanium. While the handle appears increasingly fashionable with attractive colors. In order for your blade collection to last, follow these tips:

– When buying, hold the handle of the knife to weigh the size and weight, if it fits the grip of your hand. Do not be too heavy until you have trouble holding it, not too light. The heavy blades are more stable and will not slip when worn.

– The handle of the knife must be comfortable when held. If the material is slippery, the knife must still be gripped tightly without making your hand slip. Make sure also the curved handle of the knife is curved comfortably in the palm of the hand.

– Avoid storing knives in kitchen drawers together with other items because the sharp part can ‘hurt’ other items in the drawer.

– After use, wash the knife immediately and dry with a soft cloth so that the sharpness is maintained. Be careful not to leave the knife in submergence in the soapy water in the dishwasher. In addition to collecting the blade, if not careful because it is covered with soap foam, your hands can get hurt while picking it up.