Having a fat body is certainly not an obstacle to look beautiful and charming. Because until now there are enough varieties and ways to improve the appearance. One of them is like how to dress for fat women to look more beautiful and look thinner. Visit fashion europe and discover various other fashion tips and tricks.

Every individual will always want to have a perfect body shape, especially for women. But as we all know, that not every individual will also be born with a perfect body shape. It can be caused by genetic factors or also due to irregular patterns and lifestyles. In addition to a body that is too thin, not a few individuals who also have a stocky body or fat. In contrast to individuals who are too thin, usually, individuals with large body fat and shape will tend to be difficult when dealing with appearance. Especially on the clothing suit used. Then, how to choose the right clothes for a fat woman? For those of you who are curious, then here are some tips on choosing clothes for obese women who can be noticed.

– The Right Size
The first tip that can be considered is the size of the clothes that will be used. So that the body does not look too fat, then try not to use clothes with a size that is too loose or too narrow. Try the size of clothing that will be used really fit with the body. That way, not only the appearance that will look thinner but the level of dress comfort will also increase.

– Appropriate Color and Motif
In addition to the size, color and motif of the clothing that was used turned out to have considerable influence on the user’s body shape. For those of you who are obese, avoid wearing clothes with horizontal stripes motifs. Because this motif will only make the body look wider and fatter. As for the color, you should avoid using clothing with bright colors and striking. But you should use clothing with colors that tend to dark. Because the color of dark clothing will be able to disguise the folds of fat contained in the body until not too visible.