Cats don’t have to go outside to be happy. One of the keys to keeping a cat happy and satisfied is to provide him with regular entertainment and stimulation. In addition, to exercise using cat hamster wheel and mental stimulation, domestic cats need a safe environment for living, food, and drink, and regular body care and health. If you can provide all of this for your cat, he will live a happy and healthy life indoors.

Domestic cats are used to entertaining themselves, so they will roam the house and play with whatever they see. It is very important to inspect the house using the cat’s perspective to look for anything that could hurt your cat and make sure that it is safe.

Keep the cat away from poison. Always make sure to keep cleaning supplies and other chemicals in a safe place. There are many dangerous chemicals that we use at home and are very toxic to cats. For example, many floor cleaners contain benzalkonium chloride. These chemicals can cause burns on soft tissues such as the tongue or the line of the cat’s mouth.

Provide your cat with a litter box that can be cleaned every day. Place the litter box in a quiet place so that the cat won’t be disturbed or frightened by sudden sounds (such as the sound of a washing machine). If you have multiple cats, you will need one litter box for each cat. If you have five cats, it’s best to have six litter boxes available.

Give the cat food and water. Be aware that domestic cats get fat very easily. To prevent this, measure the food and give it according to the amount recommended on the packaging. If the cat is gaining weight (the ribs will be harder to find), reduce your cat’s daily ration.