In the old times before fan and air conditioning technology was created, people could still survive the hot sun aircon servicing. The secret of this is to drink lots of cold and fresh drinks to make the body feel fitter. You can also wear cooler textured clothes so that the resulting sweat can be absorbed properly. This can be helpful when your AC is broken. However, you can also call the best aircon servicing to repair your AC professionally.

Using the exhaust fan

Not all rooms have openings like windows, for example, a bathroom. To provide additional ventilation to this space, you need to pair the exhaust fan. This object can help draw hot air and replace it with fresher air.

Let the night air enter

If in the afternoon the temperature is very hot, then the opposite, at night the air temperature is very cold. You can take advantage of this condition by allowing the night air to enter as much as possible into the house. So that at noon the house will not feel too hot.

Cross ventilation

Cross ventilation is one of the characteristics of a healthy home that is actually required to be applied. With good air exchange circulation, the house will still feel cool even though the air is very hot outside the house. In addition, there are many functions of home ventilation and various types of home ventilation that you can use.

Plant Trees

Green areas within the home area are needed, not only to maintain environmental balance but also to make the air cooler. Shady tree planting will help drive the sunlight into the house. You can also plant various types of flowers to the garden as a decoration.

So are some tips and tricks for making a cold room without good and correct air conditioning, and you must know and learn. Hopefully useful and good luck!